Gone are the days when you were forced to use keycap sets with big centered legends just because you like deep sculpted caps.

Maybe you like Cherry/GMK keycaps but you are bothered by all the inconsistencies, poor kerning and misaligned legends? Maybe you just want to try something new that has it all?

This keycap sets sole mission is to update, refine and perfect Cherry legends and bring them to the new keycap profile KAT. A keycap profile made for sound, typing experience and elegance.

A lot of time and care went in to giving all legends the correct size, alignment, weight and position throughout all kits. Common mistakes by Cherry/GMK have been documented and used as reference of what to fix, but also to keep track of what is good about them.

I hope you will enjoy all the hard work that I put in to this. If you ever wish to reach out for any questions or just say hello. Meet me over on the Geekhack thread here.

Thank you!